My guest today is Nicole Liloia, LCSW in New Jersey. We’re talking about thinking outside the box when it comes to creating multiple income streams and scaling our businesses. Nicole has the experience to teach us how to NOT be dependent on trading time for income. Want to know more? Join us!

What We’ll Learn

  • Why you should consider multiple income streams
  • What it means to “scale your business” and why it’s important
  • “Don’t trade dollars for hours!”
  • Why you should scale to serve more people
  • Why you should outsource those tasks that really drain you
  • Scaling means looking at the long-term profitability of your business
  • Knowing your weak areas allows you to get help where you need it
  • From “staying in your head” to taking action
  • How to start with alternative income streams:
    • Solidify your main income stream
    • Add in some passive income streams
  • Nicole’s top three tips:
    • Dedicate time for your business
    • Batch the writing and other tasks
    • See yourself as a CEO
  • Nicole’s top three mistakes:
    • Not investing enough in outside help
    • Overthinking things
    • Expecting that YOU need to control everything

Resources Mentioned

Nicole Liloia (Find out more about Nicole’s work)

Batch Like a Boss  (Find Nicole’s resource, Batch Like a Boss!)

Find Nicole on all social media platforms: @Nicole Liloia

UpWork (Find freelancers when you need them!)

Fiverr (A global online marketplace of tasks and services)

Toggl  (Learn how to track your time!)

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

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