My guest today is Sue Marriott, LCSW, in Austin, Texas. She has run multiple therapy groups, even some long-term groups that have run for over a decade! Sue shares her inspiration, marketing techniques, and what it takes to make the switch to group therapy, along with her favourite tips for making group therapy successful!

What We’ll Learn

  • The inspiration for therapy groups: (in one word)—Community
  • Why the benefits of group therapy are different than individual therapy
  • The purpose of group therapy: to protect the dignity and value of the members while they are taking gigantic interpersonal risks
  • How groups help people learn to give and receive feedback
  • Why group therapy can be a smart financial move for a therapist
  • How your mindset must change to think of the group as an entity
  • “Be a critic, not a conductor”
  • How individual therapy in a group setting will kill the group
  • Group therapy: THE most powerful way to work on early history issues
  • How to plan a group and find members
  • How to market the group to referral sources
  • How Sue has maintained four ongoing groups—3 have lasted over 10 years!
  • Sue’s three biggest lessons learned:
    • The group knows more than its individual members
    • Groups will protect and help the most vulnerable
    • Groups maximize the opportunity for deep change and growth

Resources Mentioned

Find out more about Sue’s work and her podcast: Therapist Uncensored

Email Sue: sue@therapistuncensored.com

Find out more about Sue’s podcast and the online training course on Modern Adult Attachment

Learn more about the American Group Psychotherapy Association at www.agpa.org

Learn more about the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society at www.austingroups.org

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