My guest today is Dr. David Craig, from Spruce Health, which is a great resource for HIPAA compliance. Today’s conversation will give clinicians something to think about staying HIPAA compliant when we communicate with clients over cell phones. Join us!

What We’ll Learn

  • Key considerations in phone conversations with clients:
    • What HIPAA applies to
    • What HIPAA covers
  • “Almost anything can be used in a HIPAA-compliant way and in a non-compliant way.”
  • Learn what does and does not count as electronic protected health information (EPHI)
  • “Trust, but verify,” when it comes to anyone’s HIPAA advice
  • Why phone conversations are still under HIPAA, but not the specifics of EPHI
  • How texting, storing voicemails and storing names and numbers fall squarely under EPHI and the HIPAA security rule
  • Specifics to consider in your cell phone conversations with clients:
    • Text messaging—“the HIPAA disaster zone”
    • Camera roll—falls under the “safe harbor criteria,” but can be a violation if you store health info in electronic form
    • Non-secure wifi—be sure to use a service designed for medical fields
    • Contact list—the problem is when your list is connected to social media
    • Stolen phone—even encrypted information is at risk
    • “The Cloud”—“There is NO cloud; it’s just someone else’s computer.”
  • Why you need an easy-to-use, secure messaging platform
  • What to do if a client wants to use standard text messaging as communication
  • What makes up PHI?
  • How Spruce has developed platforms for HIPAA compliance and supports varieties of telemedicine

Resources Mentioned

Spruce Health  (David offers a 20% discount for STC listeners!)

HHS  Visit this website for specific HIPAA rules and regulations

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