Have you ever thought about starting your own online community? You’ve heard me talk often about the STC Facebook Community and the many questions and show topics that spring from that group. In fact, the idea for today’s show comes from emails I recently received about our online community. I hope this show gives you the information you need if this is something you’ve been thinking about doing!

Today’s show is a solo episode, which I try to do once a month. I love teaching and sharing transparently about the mistakes I’ve made and what I’m learning. The STC Facebook community now numbers over 7,000 members, and with that unexpected growth come many issues in its day-to-day management. Our group began in March 2015, and our members are known as “Couchies.” It’s a gathering place for members to share and reflect, so let’s talk about Growing an Online Community.

What We’ll Learn

  • How the STC Facebook began with my reaching out to friends and asking them to join
  • Why I didn’t realize the value and extent of the community
  • Five Key Lessons I’ve Learned in Creating an Online Community:
    • Have a great screening process—Be clear who it is AND isn’t for
    • Co-create weekly threads with your community—Address common struggles and pain points of the members
    • Wisely select admins—Set firm boundaries
    • Don’t keep your tribe on real estate that someone else owns—Give them the choice to opt in to your newsletter
    • Yield your power and influence wisely—You might be surprised by the growth rate and the influence you achieve
  • Additional tips about your online community:
    • Watch out for those who share affiliate links
    • Get feedback about threads that might be most helpful
    • With admins, observe, observe, observe—to avoid nightmare stories
    • Know the value of your email newsletter
    • Engage someone privately if they continually violate the rules and expectations of the group

Thank You for Listening

I know that our lives are busy, and I’m grateful that you took the time to listen to this week’s podcast. If you enjoyed today’s episode, please share it with our colleagues and friends using the social media buttons on this page. Please consider leaving an honest rating and review for the podcast on iTunes as this helps the podcast reach more of our colleagues who want to build successful practices. Finally, feel free to join over 5,000 of our colleagues who are signed up for the Selling the Couch newsletter. You’ll learn valuable tips to build and grow your practice and get the podcast episodes delivered right to your inbox. You’ll also get FREE access to The Tax Write-Off Check List for Mental Health Private Practitioners.

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