Niching, SEO, blog and website design—-these are concepts we need to be familiar with as clinicians, but don’t they tend to be confusing? How do they fit together—or do they? Today’s show will break down the terminology and answer your questions about how these aspects of your practice can work in your favor. We’re talking all about niching and how it connects with our website and how everything factors into search engine optimization.

My guest is Paul Steinke, LPC in Colorado, and the owner of the Karibuni Center. If you know Swahili, then you know that “karibuni” means “welcome.” Paul has created a private practice where he works with people and their relationships around marriage and couple issues. Interestingly, Paul is a former wedding photographer who transitioned into the therapist’s chair, and his former career taught him a lot about marketing, web design, and visual images. Now Paul is all about helping couples in crisis, especially through affair recovery and divorce. Don’t miss my amazing conversation with Paul!

What We’ll Learn

  • How Paul’s wedding photography background of capturing close, intimate images helps him draw out the emotions and connect: “Images are all about eliciting emotion.”
  • Paul’s go-to site for finding royalty-free images and avoiding legal battles over photos and their use
  • Paul’s core values in relationships: intimacy, familiarity, safety, and belonging—and how he holds to those in his therapy practice
  • The easy transition in bringing those core values to the therapy room and his website, while recognizing his skills AND his limitations
  • How Paul honed in on his niches under the relationship umbrella: Helping people, even in crisis, to have healthy relationships
  • Paul’s work with “affair recovery” and how he determined the need in his local area
  • Naming your niche based on what people will look for and being able to meet them where they are
  • Paul’s advice about niching, website design, and SEO:
    • Figure out what you like to do—that’s your niche!
    • Put yourself in your client’s shoes and ask what they would search for
    • Use those keywords in different places on your website
  • How the conversations developed, through the lens of belonging and safety
  • SEO—looking for words, phrases, and the “felt needs” of clients, like being lonely or unheard—“Put words to what people are experiencing.”
  • The nuances of keywords and search phrases while keeping the content fresh and updated and using language that clients would use
  • Taking common struggles within your niche and using them in blog posts
  • “I have to realize that I’m NOT the therapist for every person.”
  • Paul’s parting advice: “Don’t overthink it. Be yourself and allow you and your creativity to come out.”


Find Paul: Karibuni Center


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