Session 33: How Nutrition Improves Your Practice

Welcome to today’s show!  My guest is Shelley Davidescu, who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a health coach.  Shelley has developed a passion for how food and drink affect moods, energy, and the way we feel.  As a clinician, she knows that nutrition impacts her energy, drive, and the ability to be “present” with her clients.  Join me for this exciting conversation!

One of Shelley’s favorite quotes that has been a powerful force in her life and her private practice is: “Let food be thy medicine.” —-Hippocrates

As a graduate student, Shelley changed the way she viewed food and the process of fueling her body.  The foundation of all her work has become the need to feel good internally to be able to help her clients.  She admits that she had to overcome some bad nutritional habits, but has now become keenly aware of the mind/body connection.

In this episode, Shelley shares the following tips and information regarding nutrition:

  • Our bodies need a high level of water first thing every day to hydrate and optimize brain function.
  • Shelley tries to avoid gluten and refined sugars and eats clean carbs.
  • Our bodies need lean sources of protein like salmon and eggs.
  • Our bodies need quality fats like avocados, coconut oil, hemp seeds, walnuts, and cacao.
  • Shelley avoids coffee and energy drinks but sips protein smoothies or superfood elixir drinks in between clients.
  • You can prepare the night before for an upcoming busy day by focusing on hydration and a well-balanced meal.
  • Some signs of dehydration can be dry eyes and mouth and trouble waking up in the morning.

Shelley speaks as a clinician about fears in starting a private practice:

  • Her biggest fear was not getting hired as an intern or not having the right match with a supervisor.
  • She defeated the fear by being honest about what she wanted more: to sit in the fear or to get out there and help people.
  • She says when your focus is on yourself, then fear rules, but when you focus on those whom you want to help and serve, then your fears are conquered.
  • To figure out what you’re passionate about, ask yourself, “What could I talk about all day long?”

In the Hot Couch Round, Shelley discusses her daily habits of mindful eating, meditation, and visualization.  She gives her favorite online resources and her favorite business book.  She also shares her best tip for someone starting out in private practice, and what she would do if she were starting over with just $500 and a laptop.  Listen for all these insights and more from Shelley!

Links and Resources:        (Shelley’s website)       (Shelley’s email)     (Shelley’s practice website)

The Secrets of a Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker   (Shelley’s favorite business book)

What nutrition based things have you done to keep your energy consistent when seeing clients hour after hour? Head over to the STC Facebook Community and let us know!  


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