Session 34: Planning to Achieve Your Goals

Welcome!  My guest today is Tony Woodall, who is a podcasting friend whose lifelong mission is to help entrepreneurs set realistic goals.  Tony became the chief information officer for a national mortgage company despite not having a college degree.  He attributes his success to hard work and setting realistic goals.  Tony is here to help us learn to set and achieve goals.

Tony gives specific reasons why goals are important for the small business owner:

  • Small business owners have a lot of responsibilities; you need to set goals to track tasks.
  • You need a target, a WHY?
  • Goals keep you from being overwhelmed.
  • Goals determine your direction, like a map.
  • Goals keep us focused and moving forward.

For anyone, including the private practitioner, Tony recommends three keys to successful goal-setting.  Ask the following questions about your goals:

  1. WHAT do I want to achieve?  (Listen to hear Tony’s goal-setting advice based on the acronym SMART.)
  2. HOW do I achieve my goal?
  3. WHY do I want to achieve this goal?

There are some common mistakes business owners make in their goal-setting.  Tony describes the mistakes as follows:

  • Concentrating more on the outcome than on what it takes to achieve the outcome.
  • Getting involved in too many distracting tasks that aren’t part of the goal.
  • Expecting people to come to us instead of going to them.
  • Focusing IN the business instead of ON the business.

Tony also recommends that we set short-term goals as well as long-term goals.  Along the path toward our long-term goals, we must be ready to pivot when needed as circumstances change.  Tony’s advice applies to anyone, regardless of their business or profession.  We all need goals in our lives for many reasons.  I hope you’ll join my conversation with Tony to learn more!

Links and Resources:   (Tony’s website and podcast)   (Tony’s email)

**Tony is offering STC listeners his worksheets with which to practice his goal-setting and achieving advice.  Visit  to take advantage!

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