Session 53: Overcoming Entrepreneurial Burnout

Welcome! Today’s guest is Jaree Freeman, who is a podcasting friend who has owned multiple businesses. We are discussing a topic today that is difficult to confront, and it’s one that hits close to home for me. The topic is “entrepreneur burnout.” This topic is especially applicable to clinicians because of our unique profession. Our abilities to think clearly and be present with our clients are important in every aspect of our work. If we struggle with burnout in our private practice or small business, then we cannot be effective on any level. Jaree is here to share what she has learned through her experiences as an entrepreneur.

Jaree shares the following in our conversation:

  • The signs of burnout are harder to see when you have a focused, driven personality.
  • The signs for Jaree were frequent migraines and the realization that she could not “push through” as she used to do when she was younger.
  • Jaree discusses the importance of self-care routines that help de-stress. For her, these include “bulletproof coffee,” lots of water, yoga stretches, and deep breathing exercises.
  • As a small business owner, prioritizing your tasks is essential.
  • Jaree discusses techniques for assessment, evaluation, “trimming the fat,” delegating, and outsourcing.
  • One principle of burnout is that if you’ve experienced it once, then you are more likely to have it again.
  • To prevent burnout, Jaree recommends protecting your time and your mind, and being aware that you CANNOT do it all!
  • “Smart entrepreneurs outsource things that they don’t like to do, things that they aren’t good at, or things that they don’t find fulfilling to them as a person.”

Join us for more wisdom about how to avoid burnout from Jaree. Thanks for listening!


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