Session 56: Overcoming Adversity with Tanner Gers

Welcome! My guest today is a friend and an Olympic gold-medalist. Tanner Gers is legally blind as a result of an accident during his teenage years. Tanner is here to share his amazing story!

Tanner covers the following in our conversation:

  • Tanner’s struggle began when he had a terrible car accident at age 21. He sustained horrific head and facial injuries that left him totally blind.
  • When doctors told him that regaining sight was not possible, he felt liberated because he knew exactly what he was dealing with. He says it’s all a matter of perspective.
  • Tanner is an Olympic gold medalist in Track and Field, and recently began competing as a Track Cyclist. He was just crowned the US National Champion in the Kilo event.
  • Tanner has learned not to fret about what he cannot do but continues to improve himself.
  • In developing a business, Tanner recommends “finding something you are passionate about and then build a business around it.”
  • There are always people who doubt that you can do it. Tanner says it comes down to the belief that you have in yourself. “Don’t let their experience influence you unless it’s in a positive way.”
  • On a daily basis, Tanner believes in the basics of expressing gratitude and writing down goals.
  • To someone thinking about starting their own business, Tanner says, “Expect that you WILL fail, but get after it like you won’t.”
  • One of Tanner’s favorite quotes is from Jim Roan: “Make plans like an adult and believe in them like a child.”

There is almost no one who is more suited to give advice in overcoming adversity and struggles than Tanner. He is an excellent role model for anyone who has been severely injured or handicapped in some way, but has adversity stopped him from great accomplishment? NO! Join me and prepare to be inspired!




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