Session 73: Ergonomics for Clinicians

Welcome! My guest today is Cath Cleveland, an occupational therapist from Melbourne, Australia. As therapists, we SIT all day long; have you ever thought about YOUR posture? Ergonomically speaking, therapists should consider their posture, whether good or bad and its long-term impact on their bodies. It is very common for therapists to look after their clients but NOT themselves. Let’s see what Cath has to teach us!

Cath discusses the following about good posture for therapists:

  • Cath’s #1 tip: Be aware of your posture!
  • Signs of poor posture include headaches, muscular neck pain, and lower back pain.
  • Tips for correct posture:
    • Position yourself straight on and not slouching sideways.
    • Position your bottom at the back of your chair.
    • Use your backrest for support.
    • Keep your chair at the correct height for your feet to be flat on the floor.
    • Try not to sit for more than 30 minutes at a time.
    • Make sure your chair has adjustable height and lumbar support.
    • Do some neck and back stretches to loosen up for the day.
    • Don’t compromise your body position while engaging with a client.
    • Get up and move ASAP after each session!
  • Three common ergonomic mistakes professionals often make:
    • Thinking an expensive piece of equipment will eliminate all problems
    • Not being committed to behavioral change
    • Not implementing stretches and frequent breaks into your day
  • Have you wondered about Sit/Stand Workstations and Anti-fatigue Mats? Cath shares her advice for using them correctly and to the greatest benefit!

Resources:   (Visit Cath’s website to learn about her Work Health Wellness program, free consultations, and more!)

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