Hi. I'm mel. Girl dad. psychologist. podcaster and Course creator.

At Selling The Couch, we reimagine what it means to be a therapist in private practice. To find our calling, diversify income beyond 1:1 work, and build an intentional life and business.

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What if the therapy room was just your starting point?

Do you ever feel like you were meant to do something bigger with your career as a therapist?

Not in an arrogant way, but in a humble way that thoughtfully aligns gifts and your values with a bigger purpose.

Like starting a podcast or an online course.

As therapists, most of us don't have a model of what this even looks like.

So we stick to what's familiar and safe when it comes to our career. 

But our dreams die in the process. 

When I got licensed as a psychologist in 2012, my dream career was to be the director of a university counseling center, do some teaching, and have a small private practice.

But a wise supervisor told me to imagine the therapist skills that I was gaining as a skillset that could be used in other domains beyond the therapy room.

It opened my eyes to what was possible.

The Selling The Couch blog is my journey from the therapy room into the world of podcasting, course creation, digital writing, online business, and public speaking.    

The Selling The Couch blog is also full of wisdom from therapists who've built successful practices and extended their impact and income beyond the therapy room.

We all have a message to share and a people to serve. 

I'm so glad that you're here.

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Melvin Varghese

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Michael Fulwiler

“If you've met Melvin or listened to his podcast, then you know his voice feels like a warm hug. He's authentic, genuine, and kind.

Melvin's super power is building relationships through genuine connection. Some people “network” with ulterior motives. Melvin just wants to help people.

At the end of the day, business is about relationships, and Melvin gets that. I highly recommend working with Melvin if you have the opportunity.

He's not only a talented clinical psychologist, but also an experienced teacher and content creator.

Selling the Couch is the standard for building an online business for therapists.

Michael Fulwiler

Head Of Brand @ Heard / Former head of marketing gottman institute
Laura Reagan

“I started my podcast because I wanted a way to reach more people than I could 1 on 1 with psycho-education about trauma and the healing process. I joined Healthcasters to be surrounded by community because podcasting can be pretty isolating when you’re doing it on your own with no support.

After nearly 9 years and more than 8 million downloads, I have had more wins with my podcast than I could ever possibly name. Some of them include interviewing the teachers I admire most in the trauma field and creating a thriving membership community of trauma therapists.

For anyone who is thinking about joining Healthcasters, it is much easier to learn with your peers and have people to turn to for support as you go through the journey of creating and releasing your podcast. I think that support is the most important factor that has kept my podcast going for all of these years,”

Laura reagan

lcsw / Podcaster @therapy chat

“After becoming a parent, I realized that I could only see so many therapy clients in a week as a chronically ill mom. An online course seemed like a way to bring in passive income that was still helpful for clients and creatively fulfilling for me. I knew I’d be motivated by being around other therapists pursuing out-of-the-box career goals, and Selling The Couch Elite seemed like it was manifested straight out of my dreams.

I came in with a very generic idea, and left with a hyper-specific, niched course that’s a joy to run. My coaching and course business grossed $42,570 in our most recent launch, and we have participants flying in from out of state to attend a live version of the program this summer.

Selling The Couch Elite is more than just a course on building courses—it’s a road map on how to think about your whole career in a more intentional and sustainable way, in the company of other people trying to do the same thing.”

Katie Lear

LCMHC, RPT, RDT / Course creator @ dragon leaders
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