206: The Biggest Factors To Consider Before Setting Up a Practice In a Saturated Area


Today’s show is full of very practical tips that I hope will be helpful to you. We are talking about the nuances of building a sustainable practice with someone who has a wealth of knowledge.

Laura Northrup is a Marriage and Family Therapist in Oakland, CA. She’s here to discuss a wide range of topics, including the biggest factors to consider before setting up a practice in a saturated area. We’ll discuss the most common mistakes new clinicians make when jumping into private practice, how to market and strategically build relationships with referral sources, and the struggles in niching. Laura also shares some top tips she’s learned along the way in her private practice journey.

What We’ll Learn

  • Factors to consider in setting up a private practice in a saturated area:
    • Have a realistic timeline, focus on niching and networking, and SEO on your website
  • The importance of a shared value system when people choose a therapist; the ability to connect is key!
  • Things to remember when building your website
  • Common mistakes that new clinicians make in a saturated area
  • What your referral network should look like
  • How to find relationships for networking and market your practice in a way that suits your personality
  • Why a “coffee meeting” isn’t the best networking plan
  • The wisdom in niching, and why you should be open to change
  • What is stopping you from trying to niche?
  • Top tips in sustaining a practice in a saturated market:
    • Build actual relationships with a referral network
    • Choose one marketing tactic and do it really well
    • Be on only 1-2 Listservs
  • How to find the right Listservs for you and your practice
  • How to get the most networking benefit from being strategic

Resources Mentioned

Laura’s therapy website:  Laura Northrup Psychotherapy

Laura's online course (enter promo code “couch15” for 15% off listed price; Thanks, Laura!): Building A Successful, Sustainable Practice As A Healer

Find out about Laura’s podcast and courses:  Laura Mae Northrup

Find out about the STC Facebook Community:  Selling The Couch

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