207: When Should I Launch A Podcast?: Melvin Varghese, PhD


Today’s show is a solo episode inspired by a recent roundtable that I led with some local therapists here in the Philadelphia area. A question came up that I’m asked often: “How do I know when I’m ready to launch a podcast?” There is no set time that’s right for everyone, but there are several factors to consider. That’s where today’s discussion takes us.

What We’ll Learn

  • Five barometers that indicate you are ready to launch a podcast:
    • You have some clarity on the niche you serve in private practice
      • Offer your services through solo episodes geared toward the needs of your ideal clients
      • Offer interview-based episodes to highlight experts in your field
    • You have at least one product or service to offer
    • Your vision for your business is to expand your career beyond the therapy room
    • You are at the point at which you want to build intentional relationships with referral sources and relationships with those outside your geographic area
    • You have some income to outsource editing
      • Don’t get bogged down with the editing process
      • Spend your time creating and building—not editing
      • Think about how you can scale your business
    • Bonus Tip: Make sure you’re at a place where it makes sense to start a podcast
      • Watch out for “pod-fading”

Resources Mentioned

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Podcasting Workshop  Check out this FREE resource!

Mentioned in the show: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

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