209: Immigration Hardship Evaluations And How To Conduct, Market, And Charge For Them

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Today’s show covers a topic that we’ve dealt with before, but I wanted to take a deeper dive into Immigration Hardship Evaluations. Let’s learn more together with today’s guest!

Juan Santos is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Greensboro, NC. He’s here to talk about what he has learned about these evaluations and how to conduct, market, and charge for them. Our conversation gets to the real heart of the issue, based on Juan’s experiences in his clinical work. If you’ve been curious about these evaluations and wondered if you are qualified to do them, then this show will answer your questions and give you the relevant information.

What We’ll Learn

  • Why Juan began doing Immigration Hardship Evaluations to impact people’s lives in positive ways
  • The typical process when a client is interested in an IH eval
  • A specific example of how hardship occurs for an immigrant
  • How a counselor works collaboratively with an attorney in writing the evaluation
  • Setting clear boundaries as a clinician when we navigate immigration cases
  • How the complex process gets started for an immigrant: 90% of cases are initiated by an attorney, and 10% are initiated by the client personally
  • The different evaluations that a clinician may be called upon to write (the five core evaluations)
  • Why Juan charges fees based on what other clinicians in his area might charge
  • How Juan’s charges are based on the length of time it takes to write the evaluation and the communication with the attorney and client
  • The urgent nature of the evaluations that might be based on the client’s needs to prepare for immigration court
  • How Juan structures an emergency evaluation with an expedited fee and a flat rate added to it
  • How Juan maintains clarity in the face of the emotion of the client’s needs as they prepare for immigration court
  • How Juan connects to his clients because of the real-life impacts of the evaluations
  • The questionnaires Juan uses to gather the information for the evaluation regarding depression and anxiety
  • Top ways Juan markets these evaluations:
    • Builds sustainable relationships with immigration attorneys
    • Reaches out to specific organizations and clinics that serve minorities and undocumented individuals
    • Posts video and audio blurbs to social media and his website to highlight the evaluation process
  • How immigration evaluations fall on the psycho-social level
  • The personal consultations and courses Juan offers to train other clinicians to do these Immigration Hardship Evaluations

Resources Mentioned

Find out more about Juan and his e-courses:  Santos Counseling.com

Find a discount code for Juan’s course at Session209

Check out our sponsor and find out more about the paperless intake options available at Therapy Notes

Check out Session173 for more information about immigration evaluations.

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