A Resource To Connect Helpers And Healers In Private Practice.

The STC Directory is based on a simple “pearl of wisdom” I’ve learned in my own private practice journey and after conversations with over 100 successful practitioners:

The best way to grow and sustain a private practice is to build authentic, supportive relationships with colleagues.

Unfortunately, there’s not an easy way to do that now unless we search through multiple websites, post in an online group (and hope for a response), or search online profiles of directories that are really meant to connect the public to clinicians.

But what if it’s a slow month and you need more client referrals ?  Or maybe you wish you had a steady referral stream from colleagues who understand who you do the best work with.

Or maybe you simply want to connect with practitioners near you or colleagues around the country who serve similar niches and populations to learn what’s working, collaborate, and support one another.

Or what if you have tough case and simply want an easy way to find colleagues who consult on specific types of cases that fall outside of your clinical expertise (e.g., when there’s custody involved or complex trauma)?

I’ve created an answer to better guide our private practice journey.

And the best part, it’s FREE.

A Simple Solution:  The STC Directory

The STC Directory was carefully developed over 1 year using feedback from over 500 of our colleagues in private practice.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Will take very little time, since everything is organized, succinct, and to the point.
  • Thinks “outside the box” with niches private practitioners work with.
  • Provides TONS of value.

STC Directory

An online directory that simplifies finding and connecting with other like-minded helpers/healers to share quality referrals.

Feel good about sending people who aren’t good fits to people you trust and get the benefit of receiving the same.


  • REFERRALS. Refer and get ideal clients from colleagues locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • CONTRACTORS. Senior therapists can connect with new or part-time therapists who are seeking employment opportunities. 
  • CONSULTATIONS. Receive solid case and business consultation and build our own consultation services.
  • SUPERVISION. Allow supervisees needing hours for licensure to find supervisors and for supervisors to share their services.
  • CONNECTION. Connect and collaborate with colleagues who share our passions and clinical interests. 

A Deeper Look At The STC Directory…

Cross Refer

Key Benefit:  Let colleagues know who you do the best work with and refer out clients who are better fits for colleagues, need more specialized help, and/or have circumstances that change (e.g., moving to another location). 

Local Connect

Connect with local, like-minded colleagues.

Key Benefit:  Build and expand your referral network.

Niche Connect

Find colleagues in similar niches locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Key Benefit: Connect with colleagues to learn what’s working, meet at conferences, and for collaboration (e.g., joint workshops, podcast interviews, guest blogging, etc).

Clinical and Business Consultation and Supervision

Find/Advertise clinical and business supervision and consultation services. 

Key Benefit:  Have a group of trusted individuals guiding the future of your practice. 

Office Space Board 

Find/Advertise Office Space

Key Benefit:  Find colleagues who can use your office during hours you’re not using it.  You’ll also be able to know a familiar face when seeking office space. 

***COMING SOON***Job Board 

Find/Advertise Openings In Your Practice. 

Key Benefit:  A curated place to find and advertise openings. 

Plans and Pricing

Support no matter where you are in your private practice journey.

Free Subscription

FREE Subscription
  • 24-7 access to an online directory to connect with fellow helpers and healers in private practice.
  • Perform detailed searches using multiple criteria such as cities and states and niches to find colleagues that are a good match for what you are looking for.
  • Have total control over your profile and membership with our self-service setup. Change your user credentials and profile information any time right inside your Directory membership portal.


How is this directory different than directories?
Great question. Existing directories connect the general public to clinicians.  There is no directory that supports helpers/healers in connecting with one another.  These authentic connections are what lead to business growth, sound referrals, and collaborations.
Mel, is there a catch (i.e., are you going to charge me one day for this)?

No catch. STC exists and has grown because of your support.  I simply wanted to use this platform I’ve created to make the private practice journey easier. 

How is this going to make my private practice journey easier?
This will help you connect with colleagues, make it easier to refer clients to the right people, and get good client fits.

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