STC Directory

A Resource To Connect Helpers And Healers In Private Practice.

The STC Directory is based on a simple “pearl of wisdom” I’ve learned in my own private practice journey and after conversations with over 100 successful practitioners:

The best way to grow a private practice is to build solid and supportive relationships with colleagues.

Unfortunately, there’s not an easy way to do that now unless we search through multiple websites or online profiles.

But what if it’s a slow month and we need more client referrals right away?  Or maybe you wish you had a steady referral stream.

Or we simply want to connect with practitioners who serve similar niches to guest blog, a presentation to referral sources, or develop an online course?

Or what if we have tough case and simply want an easy way to find colleagues who consult on specific types of cases (e.g., when there’s custody involved or skin picking)?

I’ve created an answer to better guide our private practice journey.

A Simple Solution:  The STC Directory

The STC Directory was carefully developed over 1 year using feedback from over 500 of our colleagues in private practice.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Will take very little time, since everything is organized, succinct, and to the point.
  • Thinks “outside the box” with niches private practitioners work with.
  • Provides TONS of value.
  • Is very inexpensive .

Who the STC Directory Serves

The STC Directory is a good fit no matter where you are in the private practice journey. 

Dream: Thinking about private practice. 

  • The grad student / pre-licensee who dreams of private practice but feels overwhelmed at the thought of running a business.
  • The therapist who dreams of private practice but is scared to take the leap.

Leap: Made the leap into private practice.

  • The clinician who starts their private practice because their agency job was making them sick.
  • The clinician unsure of how to get referrals for ideal clients (or even that first client!).

Grow: Thinking about adding additional services to private practices

  • The clinician who wants to add another service (e.g., going from seeing individuals to starting a group).
  • The clinician who struggles to grow their practice and wonders how others do it so well.

Scale:  Wants to create additional income streams and stop trading time to create income.

  • The colleague who works crazy hours in their practice and compromises their health and wellbeing.
  • The therapist who wants to expand their business beyond the therapy room and create other income streams.

Three Resources In One Package To Connect And Support Helpers and Healers in Private Practice

Part I: STC Directory


An online directory that makes it easier for:

  • REFERRALS. Refer and get ideal clients from colleagues locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • CONSULTATIONS. Receive solid case and business consultation and build our own consultation services.
  • SUPERVISION. Allow supervisees needing hours for licensure to find supervisors and for supervisors to share their services.
  • CONNECTION. Connect and collaborate with colleagues who share our passions.

Part II:  Learning Library

A growing video library of what’s working in private practice and scaling beyond.

4 to 6 Live Q&A’s Per Year in the Form Of:

  • DEEP DIVE. Honest conversations with colleagues about their day to day journey as practitoners (e.g., what’s working for them, how they get referrals, how they work through fears, etc). More in depth that the STC podcast and with questions that I can’task given the public nature of a podcast.
  • HOW TO. “How To” do certain things in private practice (e.g., how to market an online practice) and scaling beyond (e.g., how to create an e-course that sells).
  • RESOURCE PAGE. A growing list of software, services, products, etc to help grow your practice (along with discount codes!).
  • WEBSITE REVIEW. Conversations with website building experts to improve your practice website.

Part III: Community


Connect with other helpers/healers and get support 24-7.

  • STC BOOK CLUB. We read some of the top books in business and marketing, share insights, and inspire one another to apply learnings to grow our businesses.
  • LIVE Q/A.  Interactive conversations with other successful helpers/healers and other practical topics (e.g., retirement planning, buying health insurance, etc).
  • CHEAT SHEET. A “quick glance” sheet to make it easier to cross refer so that we obtain our “ideal fit” clients.
  • RESOURCE EXCHANGE. Tools, websites, blog posts, etc. to better support those we serve.

Key Benefit: Save a ton of time and money buying separate resources by getting clear, straight-to-the point info on topics of your choice all in one place.

Key Benefit: Learn what’s working and what’s not working by observing website reviews for others and getting a chance to have yours reviewed.

Key Benefit: Hear stories of real struggles from real practitioners encountering issues in their practice in real time and get the benefit of knowing what to do from hearing about their experiences. It’s also a great way for therapists to support each other in finding solutions.

Key Benefit: Get your burning questions answered in our quarterly Live Q&A’s on several topics under these 3 category types and avoid delays and struggles caused my misinformation or no information in different areas of private practice. Our live Q&A’s are recorded in audio for you to refer back to.

What Other Colleagues Are Saying

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Other Ways STC is Contributing to Make the World a Better Place

Photo by Aditya Siva on Unsplash

The Mission To End Sex Trafficking.

In 2007, while a grad student, I took a trip to Bombay, India to work alongside counselors in the largest concentrated red light district in the world.

This trip changed my life and put a vision in me to do something more.

Bombay remains one of the world’s epicenters of sex trafficking, and the latest data indicates that 20.9 million people are victims each year around the globe.

To give some context, that’s larger than the population of New York state.

55% of victims are women and girls, and 26% are children.

One of our family’s dreams is to create a fund for children who’ve been rescued (pay for books/uniforms, counseling, learning support, etc) and to support the victims of sex trafficking (trauma counseling, vocational assistance, medical needs, etc).

Our family has decided to donate 50% of profits of STC Directory to support non-profits in the fight against sex trafficking.

These amazing organizations work in an area called Kamathipura, the largest concentrated red light district in the world to:

  • Rescue men women, men, and children from brothels.
  • Provide a quality education to children who’ve been rescued.
  • Conducts medical camps to combat illnesses like HIV/AIDS.
  • Provide vocational and trauma counseling services.

Next Steps…

By signing up as an early adopter, you’ll pay $10/month as long as you remain a member and in good standing instead of $27/month when it goes fully live.

My dream is that this Directory becomes the largest online referral network and hi quality learning center for helpers and healers in private practice.

I believe this will make our journey easier and look forward to walking along with you =)

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How is this directory different than directories I already pay for?

Great question. Existing directories connect the general public to clinicians.  There is no directory that supports helpers/healers in connecting with one another.  These authentic connections are what lead to business growth, sound referrals, and collaborations.

How often will new content be available throughout the month?

A new Practitioner Deep Dive and a new How To video will go live once per month.  3 website reviews will be released every three months.  We’ll have 2-4 Live Q/A’s over the course of the year (based on the topics that have the most interest among members).  The Live Q/A’s will be recorded.

Is there a money back guarantee?

I’d never want you to pay for something that’s not helping your private practice.  You’re free to cancel your membership at any month (or before the next renewal if paying for the year).  Because this is a new directory, I humbly ask you to consider giving 6-12 months to give the Directory time to build before canceling.

Is this a tax write-off?

Since this is education being used for the advancement of your business, it is a tax write-off.

How is this going to make my private practice journey easier?

This will help you connect with colleagues, make it easier to refer clients to the right people, and get good client fits.

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