Why Sponsor?

Why Sponser?With podcasts, you have a captive audience of aspiring and current mental health professionals. This audience knows, likes, and trusts Melvin Varghese, PhD. When Melvin recommends something, Selling The Couch fans take action!

Meet the Selling the Couch Community

Why Sponser?Over 9,000 current and aspiring mental health providers who are thirsty for products and services to build and grow their private practices.

Guaranteed 15,000 downloads per month and 7,000 monthly blog visitsors

 Why Sponser?

  • 89% US
  • 6 Continents
  • 124 Countries

Your Podcast Sponsorship Is Evergreen

Why Sponser?Unlike traditional tv or radio ads, new listeners find post episodes of Selling the Couch everyday. This means your sponsorship is being heard by listeners long after it's first live.

Exposure To New Audiences

What A Sponsorship Consists of

How Are Pre and End-Rolls Created?

Each week, 1 interview some of the top minds in business, marketing, and social media. Many of these guests have one thing in common: massive audiences. This exposes your product and service to a brand new audience

A 15 Second Pre-Roll at the beginning of an episode read by Melvin.

A 60 Second End-Roll at the end of an episode when listeners are most ready to take action

A Featured Spot on the Resources Page at SellingTheCouch.com

A Featured Spot in every Show Notes page

A special mention in the Selling the Couch online community

Our sponsors give us 10-12 taking points.

The Selling The Couch team creates unique reads.

About Selling The Couch

One of the Top 15 “New and Noteworthy” and currently one of the Top 100 business podcasts on iTunes. Over 1 Million total downloads

Featured in Psychology Today, Psych Central, and American Counseling Association.

Let's Talk Numbers

We guarantee a minimum of 10,000 unique listens per month (and I'll always over deliver).

15 second Pre-Roll = $175

60 second End-Roll = $700

In Summary


Each sponsor we partner with commits to one of two packages:

Some of Our Previous Sponsors:

Ready To Talk Sponsorship?

In the email, please include a website to your product or service, how it serves mental health private practitioners, a link to the ratings/reviews/testimonials, and the podcast package you're interested in.

Thanks again, and I'll be in touch soon =).

Note From Melvin: Hi! Each year, I offer 8 sponsorship slots (1 per month) to provide the best value to sponsors. We're quickly selling out of sponsors for 2020. Currently, I only have March and October 2020 available. Please reach out if you're interested =).    

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