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Today’s show is Part 2 of Episode 116 with Katie May, a DBT-certified therapist who works with teens in Philadelphia. Katie has been successful in creating therapy groups for her clients and is eager to share her tips. Today’s conversation focuses on setting fees, advertising, and filling groups. Join us for more from Katie!

What We’ll Learn

  • Setting fees for your group:
    • Start from the end and work backward
    • Katie’s formula for specific rates
    • Options for collecting payment
  • Advertising your group:
    • “It’s all about sharing value and making authentic connections.”
    • Reach out to colleagues
    • Offer content through blogs and social media
    • Katie’s Top 3 ways to advertise:
      • Facebook
      • Community connections via an email list
      • Word of mouth: “Provide an amazing experience that people will talk about.”
    • Katie’s tips for using Facebook ads:
      • Be authentic about your passions
      • Address a specific niche
      • Concentrate on adding value to people’s needs
      • “Position yourself as someone who can solve their problems and they will naturally gravitate toward you.”
      • Use “retargeting” for those who engage with your content

Resources Mentioned

Find out more about Katie and her groups:

Creative Healing Philly

and Become A Group Guru

Moon Clerk  (Katie’s preferred way to accept recurring payments from clients)

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