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My guest today is Melissa Thompson, LMFT, who practices in NYC. Our topic is how to create an e-course, which is something she and two colleagues have done. They began with a blog that they expanded upon to provide the e-course for moms. E-courses can be a great way to expand your authority and reach, and they create additional income streams as well. Melissa shares her favorite tools, tips, and what she’s learned in thinking outside the box to meet her clients’ needs. Join us!

What We’ll Learn

  • Why an e-course? Melissa found that support was needed for moms in their challenges in facing what happens after the birth of a child
  • The course developed as a solution to the struggles that moms faced
  • Why you must focus on the issues and not on the income
  • Content creation: Melissa found a tailored, focused niche on the journey of motherhood
  • Ask questions: What are our experiences? What did we long for as moms? What do we hear other moms say they long for?
  • The balance between business and purpose
  • Validating the e-course through common experiences and challenges
  • Making the decision to “put it out there”
  • Stages of product development
  • Planning and structuring the course: topics covered, considering the different ways people learn and consume content
  • Tools used in creating the e-course
  • Melissa’s Top Three lessons learned:
    • Trust your knowledge, share, and go for it!
    • Schedule deadlines for yourself
    • Put extra money in the budget to farm out specific tasks

Resources Mentioned

Contact Melissa and find out more about her blog/e-course and her practice:


and   www.honestmamas.com

Tools mentioned in this episode:








www.techsmith.com (Camtasia)



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