Session 126: My Struggle to Find a Niche

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I’m going solo today to have an honest conversation about My Struggle with Finding a Niche. It’s been a difficult path that stills feel a little raw and emotional for me as I’ve taken the leap back into private practice this year. Join me now as I share some thoughts and tips I’ve picked up along the way.

What We’ll Learn

  • Two big fears for me around my career path:
    • How do I manage a growing STC and Healthcasters community AND a private practice, while still making time for my family and my self-care?
    • Who do I serve in private practice?
  • “Being an entrepreneur and building an online business isn’t easy!”
  • How most clinicians find a niche:
    • Some focus on a diagnosis, condition, or presenting concern
    • Some focus on a population
    • Some focus on a training
    • Some do a hybrid of these
  • How I narrowed down my niche to serving entrepreneurs and basketball players
  • What I’ve learned from Selling the Couch: “It’s much better to go deep into ONE topic than to be broad about several topics.”
  • How my conflicted feelings led me to focus on working with entrepreneurs
  • How I identified my niche (What do I want in my life and career?)
    • Family cannot be an afterthought
    • Career is what I do, not who I am
    • Freedom to work from anywhere
    • A business focused on service
  • The “buckets” of my career: Counseling/coaching/consulting, teaching, creating, writing, and serving
  • Why the different buckets? They give variety and create multiple income streams
  • How I distinguished between my two niche ideas:
    • Are there other clinicians who are having success in seeing this population?
    • Passion is not enough. Is there a public demand within this niche?
    • Can I provide a variety of products and services to this population?
    • Is this scalable?
    • Can I serve this population via the medium of online counseling?
  • A Bonus Tip! Can I amplify what I’m doing and make a natural leap into a certain population?

Resources Mentioned

Malvin's website: Selling The Couch

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