Session 176: Pros And Cons of Charging For The Peer Supervision Group Part 2



If you heard Episode 175, then you know that we are continuing the discussion about peer supervision groups. We discussed how to structure the group, who should be included, and what you should cover when you meet. Today’s discussion goes a step further, and we discuss the pros and cons for charging for the group, how often your group should meet, and the logistics of where the group should meet.

Jill Kaufman, MSW, LCSW, has a private practice in Princeton, NJ. She has experienced the challenges of starting a peer supervision group and has great words of wisdom to share about what she has figured out. Join us for the second part of this series to learn more!

Today we discuss the pros and cons for charging for peer supervision group, how often your group should meet, and the logistics of where the group should meet. Click To Tweet

What We’ll Learn

  • Why Jill does not charge a fee for her peer supervision group
  • Why you might consider charging a fee if you’re providing a location, food/drink, and organizational time
  • How charging/not charging might affect the commitment level of the group members
  • How to gauge and ensure the commitment level of group members
  • Making sure your group adds value, which will increase commitment
  • How to handle when a group member might need an extended leave of absence, like for a medical condition or treatment
  • The frequency of meeting can vary from weekly to monthly, both of which have advantages
  • Advantages of a short-term group to focus on a topic, training, or goal
  • If your peer supervision group is primarily for self-care reasons, then you may have go on indefinitely
  • Advantages and disadvantages to using an online format vs. an in-person group


Princeton Counseling And Parenting center

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HIPPA-compliant apps mentioned in this episode:

  • Zoom Cloud Meetings
  • VSee
  • Regroup

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