Session 191: How To Use G Suite As a Tool For Managing a Private Practice



It’s a new season for Selling the Couch, and I’m excited to be back after a few weeks off! We have a cool topic to discuss today, and it’s one we see frequent questions about in the STC Community. We’re discussing how to use G Suite as a tool for managing a private practice. Join us to learn more!

Gordon Brewer, LMFT, is based in Kingsport, TN. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience with G Suite. We are discussing the G Suite tools available, best ways to use them in private practice, and Gordon’s course for training therapists to use G Suite to their advantage.

What We’ll Learn

  • How Gordon’s interest in G Suite began when he needed a way to use his website as his email address
  • The reasonable cost involved in G Suite: only $6 per month for the Basic version
  • The benefit of encrypted email and the BAA, both of which are required by HIPAA laws
  • Why Gordon developed his course, G Suite for Therapists, to help teach others how to use G Suite
  • One of the hidden gems in G Suite, Google Forms, and how you can embed these on your website for clients to use
  • The BAA (Business Associate Agreement) says that Google will handle information in a secure way and have reliable backups
  • How the core applications of G Suite are covered by the BAA and can allow you to “go paperless” in your private practice
  • The logistics of using forms on G Suite and having clients fill them out electronically
  • Gordon’s Top Three Tips for using G Suite:
    • Educate yourself about the different tools
    • Be cautious about the parts that aren’t secure, like Google Voice
    • Make use of Google Drive for file storage
  • How to use filters and organize folders and inboxes
  • How Gordon’s Session Note Helper uses Google Forms in conjunction with Google Docs to produce a narrative form session note
  • The G Suite applications that Gordon uses most: Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive
  • The benefit of using a hybrid of new and old technology to automate your processes

Resources Mentioned

Gordon’s private practice website:   King Sport Counseling

Find out about Gordon’s consulting work and podcast: Practice Of Therapy

Find Gordon’s course: Practice Of Therapy

Email Gordon:

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