Session 196: The First Online Marketplace Exclusively For Mental Health Professionals To Buy And Sell Their Original Products



Today’s show is a little different than normal. We’re highlighting the first online marketplace exclusively for mental health professionals to buy and sell their original products. We’re talking to one of the founders of Practikat about her journey–and how this platform might be just what you’re looking for!

Katie Englert has a group practice in Paducah, Kentucky, and fills her time with counseling, consulting, and public speaking. Today’s show focuses on her newest endeavor, Practikat, which came about because Katie was looking for a hub of resources for clinicians. She shares how she came up with the name and the branding advice she received from experts and attorneys. Katie explains how to go about setting up something like Practikat, how revenue is generated, how to test it out, and the logistics of the development process. Katie wraps up our time by sharing the advice she would give to herself in the past and the future.

What We’ll Learn

      • Katie was in solo private practice and needed help finding resources, so she came up with the idea for a marketplace to buy and sell products from therapist to therapist
      • How she shared the idea with her business partner and they set about to make it happen
      • The fear of taking an entrepreneurial journey: “Am I going to be OK?”
      • How the name Practikat came about as Katie worked with an attorney about copyrights and trademarks
      • How they tested out the name and designed the logo
      • The behind-the-scenes work of putting their dreams out into the world
      • How Katie structured the website, thinking through the nitty gritty details
      • How she and her business partner balance each other out
      • How Practikat stays true to their values
      • The business model for the platform that lets clinicians put their products and services on a marketplace and choose their pricing tier and commission level
      • The most exciting part for Katie has been the connections she has made with other therapists
      • The most challenging part of bringing Practikat to life has been being new on the scene and getting the word out about something brand new
      • How Katie has used this endeavor to increase her networking opportunities
      • Why Katie chose to do test rounds with Practikat
      • Katie’s advice to her past self: “Remember that your identity is separate from this ‘thing’.”
      • Katie’s advice to her future self: “Remember all the adventure that this journey has produced.”

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