Session 197: How To Survive The Day-To-Day Grind Of Private Practice Both As Clinicians And Business Owners



Today’s show covers a topic that is very important to clinicians, but it’s one that we don’t often talk about. We’re focusing on how we survive the day-to-day grind of private practice both as clinicians and business owners. I think the best way to face these struggles is to talk about them with colleagues and realize that we aren’t alone in whatever we face.

Chris Griffin, LPC, went from solo to a group practice with five clinicians in the Greater Hartford, CT area. Chris joins me for an honest conversation about the day-to-day grind of private practice and the emotional ebbs and flows of the business. We discuss staying in the middle and how Chris stays hyper-focused, not getting too high with the highs or too low with the lows. We also discuss the vital importance of self-care for clinicians and what Chris does to keep up his self-care commitment.

What We’ll Learn

        • Figuring out the learning curve for surviving vs. thriving
        • How confidence plays the crucial role in whether you survive or thrive
        • Finding balance in being a good clinician and a “decent” administrator
        • Why the learning curve is steeper for a solo practitioner
        • What a small group practice offers to clinicians who may not want to be business owners
        • Handling the quieter moments in the day-to-day grind:
          • Stay in the middle channel
          • Depersonalize the difficult situations (it’s all about the client!)
          • Admit that our job is really hard at times
        • How a clinician can use the same principles that they teach their clients
        • The intrinsic/internal confidence you must have in your job
        • Chris’ top tips for enjoying the daily grind of private practice:
          • Take care of yourself
          • Consult with colleagues and get supervision
          • Take care of yourself!
            • Get feedback
            • Find ways to connect in the present moment
            • Lean on the people around you
          • Above all, remember that you don’t need to “go it alone.” Find a community and a team to help!

Resources Mentioned

Connect with Chris:  Griffin Counseling


Call: 860-708-0697

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