Session 198: How We Make Self-care A Regular And Necessary Part Of Our Lifestyle



Today’s topic is one that I’m very passionate about, and I’m finding more and more clinicians who are making lifestyle changes and getting on board with self-care. Specifically, today’s show covers how we make self-care a regular and necessary part of our lifestyle.

Lanie Smith is an integrative art therapist who is the perfect person with whom to have this discussion. It’s so easy for clinicians to think of self-care as an afterthought, especially during stressful times, but how do we go about integrating self-care into our lifestyle and not have it as just another item on the to-do list? Join us for more with Lanie!

What We’ll Learn

          • Knowing your personal system and what self-care elements are most essential
          • Why self-care as a private practice clinician has to be the foundation for sustainability
          • Why you must take care of yourself first and view self-care as an inside job as we tend to who we’re becoming
          • Why Lanie works outdoors in her therapy practice with her clients
          • The need for slowing down, taking inventory, and being brutally honest with yourself
          • Why you have to be willing to let go of the things that drain your energy
          • Why self-care isn’t just about external things like sleep and exercise but what’s on the inside that’s not in alignment
          • Distinguishing between what feeds you and what drains you
          • Identifying limiting beliefs and where they come from
          • Lanie’s top three tips for incorporating self-care into your lifestyle:
            • Start where you are
            • Pay attention to the small things
            • Get support
          • The first step: be willing to admit there is an issue
          • Why you should notice how the people around you are treating their self-care

Resources Mentioned

Find out more about Lanie’s therapy practice and her coaching: Integrative Art Therapy

Lanie Smith Coaching

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