Session 214: [ENCORE] How to Find Ideal Clients And Why It’s Best to Focus on The Ideal Clients



Where do your ideal clients hang out? Who are the people and organizations that are serving them? These are questions you should answer as you consider narrowing your focus and attracting your ideal clients. Today’s show dives into the practical steps you can take to accomplish these important goals.

Keri Nola is a dear friend who has been on the show before. Keri has branched out of her psychotherapy background to mentor, awaken, and support healers of all kinds through her newly established practice in San Diego. She has a lot of answers to the questions we might ask about attracting ideal clients. She explains why it’s best to focus on the ideal client, how to find those ideal clients, and why those ideal clients need the services you offer.

This will be the final episode of 2018, as I take some time to focus on my new responsibility as a father and enjoy the holidays with my family. I hope you’ll plan to join us for more great conversations in 2019!

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What We’ll Learn

  • Why we should focus on an ideal client: “When we try to talk to everyone, we end up talking to no one.”
  • How a direct focus helps people feel seen, heard, and understood
  • A focused approach fosters confidence in clients, that they know we are experts and deal with these issues every day
  • Know who you are as a clinician and who your client is
  • How Keri’s notebook of topics and issues became the copy on her website to attract clients with similar needs
  • A heart-inspired strategy to help clients take action
  • How Keri found her niche with trauma work after taking time to ease into the experience
  • How our practice, our purpose, and our vision evolve over time
  • Three practical tips on attracting an ideal client:
    • Know who your ideal client is
    • Clearly communicate with them
    • Go where they are
  • Learn how to connect with other people and organizations who are already serving your clients
  • Market in a way that’s authentic and comfortable to you, whether that means focusing on social media or not
  • Use “energetic marketing” to make your words align to attract clients and not repel them
  • Coming in January 2019, Keri’s Healers Code Live event!


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