Session 223: How Online Reviews Help Improve The Private Practice with Keely Kolmes, PsyD

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With today’s technology, most people rely on online reviews when it comes to products, services, restaurants, hotels, and much more. When it comes to clinicians and clients, online reviews can reveal a lot, but is that a good thing? Do people mainly leave online reviews when they are upset or dissatisfied with the service they have received? Join us for a deeper look at this issue on today’s show.

Dr. Keely Kolmes is a Licensed Psychologist in California. They did research via anonymous surveys about the experience of therapy clients who had accessed personal or professional information about therapists. We’re taking a close look at the results of the survey, how these results are interpreted, and how these results can help improve your private practice.

What We’ll Learn

  • Why Keely chose to do an anonymous survey of therapy clients, prompted by what can be called “the Yelp problem”
  • Three areas covered by the survey:
    • Clients finding reviews about their current therapist; 64% found a review, and most were positive
    • Clients finding reviews about a former therapist; 65% had mixed reviews
    • Clients leaving reviews about their therapists: Only 16% left reviews
  • Why even positive reviews about their therapist can make clients feel uncomfortable
  • Why Keely wishes they had asked about the impetus for the review
  • What a clinician should do when a negative review appears—and why they can’t respond in any way
  • Biggest takeaways from Keely about the survey results:
    • There are things to think about and implement in your practice before reviews come
    • Add to your social media policies that it’s acceptable to have conversations about online reviews
    • Use outcome measures and satisfaction surveys, which can also be useful in marketing

Resources Mentioned

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Find Keely’s research:  Dr. kkolmes

Check out Keely’s Getting Better client satisfaction survey:  Dr. Kkolmes

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