Session 243: Blogging As A Way To Build Your Practice And Reach Your Ideal Clients with Lauran Hahn, LMHC


We are tackling another topic relevant to the pandemic crisis. This particular time is a good chance to think about private practice in different ways than ever before. If you’ve ever considered blogging as a way to build your practice and expand your reach to your ideal clients, then this is the show for you.

Lauren Hahn is a licensed mental health counselor in Orlando, Florida. She has built a successful private practice through blogging. In this episode, Lauran shares the process that she’s gone through for the past several years in starting her blog and evolving that blog to cater to her ideal clients. She explains where she finds inspiration and content for her posts that are now released regularly each week. We wrap up the conversation by discussing the most important lessons she’s learned along the way.

What We’ll Learn

  • How Lauran decided that blogging was a good idea while she was a stay-at-home mom
  • How Lauran tailored her blogs to her ideal client
  • Why it was important to get started with the blog in a general way before tweaking and refining her content
  • How courses and trainings helped Lauran cater her blog posts to her ideal client
  • How Lauran narrowed her niche to toxic relationships, anxiety, and trauma
  • Why Lauran uses her blog to speak to the pain points of her ideal clients
  • How each of Lauran’s blog posts addresses a unique struggle within her niche
  • Lauran’s top three tips for blogging:
    • Make it clear at the beginning of each post that you are connecting with a specific pain point
    • Use keywords in your blog content to optimize SEO
    • Be consistent with blogging regularly with new content
  • How Lauran uses bullet point journals from her client sessions as foundational topics for blog posts
  • How Lauran structures her writing time for the blog
  • Lauran’s advice: “Just start blogging. Take the perfection glasses off and tap into the flow.”

Resources Mentioned

Find out more about Lauran’s practice and her blog:  Mindful Living Counseling Services

Mentioned in today’s episode:

Keywords Everywhere


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