Session 255: Doing Our Own Work in Therapy To Be Effective as Business Owners And Good People in The World with Elizabeth Cush, LCPC

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Today’s show focuses on the importance of doing our own work in therapy to be effective as business owners and good people in the world. In light of all the difficulties in navigating 2020, this topic has been extremely relevant, and I’ve seen firsthand the value of therapy in my own life. Join us to learn more.

Elizabeth (“Biz”) Cush is a good friend who knows the value of doing her own work. She’s a psychotherapist in Annapolis, Maryland, who joins us to talk about how and why she got into therapy and how that has benefitted her as a business owner. She’s also transparent in sharing lessons learned along her journey.

What We’ll Learn

  • How Biz realized the importance and impact of doing her own therapy for her good and the benefit of her clients
  • How Biz incorporates her personal trauma history into her work, website, blog, and podcast–”I, too, have been through trauma and healed. It’s important to validate that for other people.”
  • How clients have responded to the way Biz has shared her personal experiences
  • Guidelines to follow in sharing personal experiences so as not to hurt those who are still living, overshare, and shame your family
  • In sharing personal experiences, always ask yourself, “What’s the purpose?
  • How therapy makes Biz a better business owner by helping her be authentic and genuine
  • Why clients want to work with a therapist who is grounded in their true self and able to share her voice
  • How therapy helps a clinician step through fear and anxiety to become a better therapist in every way, including marketing
  • How therapy for a clinician gives the valuable perspective of what the client experiences
  • How our therapy is important in light of navigating the real-world problems of racism, social injustice, and more

Resources Mentioned

Find Biz’s practice and her podcast, Woman Worriers:  Progression Counseling and Woman Worriers

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