Session 60: Switching Your Credentials for Solo Practice

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Welcome! It is unbelievable that this episode brings us to #60! Thanks to all my listeners! Today’s guest is Danielle Kepler, who is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Chicago. Danielle successfully made the transition last April from a group practice to a solo practice. Dealing with transferring your paneling with insurance providers, also known as switching your credentials, can be intimidating. Danielle has navigated the process and is here to share what she’s learned with us!

Danielle shares the following about working with insurance companies for this purpose:

  • Danielle took 3 steps to make the process easier:
    • She went on provider directories and “looked up” herself.
    • She googled the insurance companies to get contact numbers, names, and emails.
    • She wrote a script to use when making phone calls and emails to alert insurance providers that she wanted to switch her credentials from group practice to solo.
  • There are two basic pieces of identification that solo practice clinicians must provide to the insurance companies: NPI # (think of it as a SS# for clinicians!) and the Tax ID#.
  • Most clinicians will want to transfer their credentials from group practice to solo practice for EVERY provider that they are credentialed with.
  • Some providers will try to make you think you must “start over” or give you the “run-around,” but if you have been credentialed with them as a group practitioner, then you should already be in their system. Be persistent!
  • Contact provider relations to make the switch and update your information with ID#’s.
  • Danielle advises keeping a contact log of all providers, calls, and contacts. This will keep you on top of the waiting process.
  • For Danielle, the time frames for completing the switch varied from one to five months, depending on the provider.
  • Danielle says she wished she had “pushed back” harder when initially rejected by a provider.
  • Her advice is to not get discouraged in the process, but keep on. Eventually, it will happen!


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