Session 70: Creating an Outside the Box Niche Private Practice

Welcome! Today’s guest is Rebecca Wong. She’s a private practitioner who is really thinking outside the box and doing some amazing things in her private practice. Today’s sponsor is Brighter Vision, so don’t forget to check them out at to get your first month free!

Rebecca is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and she is creating an amazing practice. She has niched her practice in a very creative way, so I get to talk to her about how she built her niche private pay practice in a small town. She’s building courses, launching a podcast, and has a stellar blog.

Rebecca also discusses:

  • What inspired the direction for Rebecca’s practice
  • The most important thing in her life
  • How Rebecca built a successful practice in a small town
  • Why she keeps moving and doesn’t get stuck with what’s not working
  • How she came to trust herself to allow her practice to evolve
  • Why she believes that she is her brand and how that impacts her practice
  • When you do things in an unconventional way, you have to be aware of how you show up to the world
  • How she found her ideal clients in her small town
  • How her “Adjustment to Motherhood” Group helped grow her practice
  • Why the desire to add value always ends up leading to the money
  • How she determined pricing for the group
  • Why looking at the communities you are already involved in can lead to your niche
  • Why “show up as yourself” is the best way to network and build referrals
  • How horseplay is a part of her private practice
  • How Rebecca determines what courses to make for her clients
  • Rebecca explains “The Practice of Being Seen” – her baby right now
  • Focusing on the “why” is so important to find your true flow with your practice

Recommended Links and Resources:

Recommended book:The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change


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