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Welcome! My guest today is Daniel Fava, a web designer who helps therapists and private practitioners create and market their professional websites. The “nerd” in me is excited about what we can all learn from this conversation! Dan is discussing how potential clients experience your website. Are you doing it right or are there improvements that need to be made to maximize the space?

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Dan uses a sushi example to emphasize the importance of your website!
  • Three qualities of an effective website:
    • Clean and professional appearance
    • Professional photography
    • Ease of use in finding information
  • Your User Experience Design (UX) should have touch points, an online profile, and convey a desired feeling for each potential client.
  • Do clients judge YOU as a practitioner by your website? Dan explains.
  • Three out of four people will decide in 17-50 milliseconds about a company’s credibility based on the appeal of the website.
  • Dan shares his simple website design tips:
    • Create a landing page about what to expect
    • Include photos of your office
    • Ask current clients about their user experience
    • Get honest feedback (See resources below about Peek User Testing.)
    • Be clear about WHO you help
    • Craft your About page correctly (it shouldn’t be all about YOU!)
    • Have a specific call to action
    • Include a professional photo or video
    • Simplicity is better on your home page
    • Think about the space you display
    • Consider the theme of your website
    • Gear your site for mobile responsiveness


www.createmytherapistwebsite.com/STC (Video training and tips are available!)

www.peek.usertesting.com  (A free limited service)