Session 92: My Morning Routine and Productivity

Welcome to this solo session about my morning routine. I know this is a different sort of topic than we normally cover, but I’ve been so impressed with my own improved productivity that I just have to share with you what I’ve found that works for me. Maybe you will find elements that you can incorporate into your own morning routine to improve your day, your health, and your mindset. Join us!

There are five things that are part of my formal morning routine:

  1. A great morning routine actually starts the night before!
    1. Keep a consistent bedtime
    2. Prepare for bed by avoiding technology and food before bedtime
    3. Try the Sleep Cycle app to track your sleep stats!
  2. I start hydrating as soon as I wake up.
    1. Water at room temperature with lemon
    2. Benefits are balanced pH, immunity, and flushing out toxins
  3. I exercise vigorously for at least 30 minutes.
    1. P90X is my personal favorite
  4. I listen to a TEDtalk every morning.
    1. They give me inspiration and optimism
    2. Listen in for a few of my favorites!
  5. I spend at least 10 minutes in meditation or quiet time.
    1. Try the Stop, Breathe, and Think app or the Simply Being app

What do you think I want to incorporate next into my routine? You may not guess that I want to make some time for writing and other creative efforts. I know my five current parts of my routine contribute much to my life and my health. I want the same for you! Give it a try and develop the morning routine that works for you!


TED app or

Sleep Cycle App

Stop, Think Breathe App

Simply Being App


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