Session 93: How Comparison Can Steal Your Joy

Welcome! Today’s guest is Sarah Leitschuh, LMFT in Minnesota. Sarah has been a very active member of the STC Facebook community for a LONG time. I’ve wanted to have her on the show ever since she wrote a popular blog post about an important topic: How Comparison can Steal our Joy. For clinicians and people in other professions as well, this is an important topic about which we can probably all use some encouragement and inspiration. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • “Comparison is the thief of joy.” —Theodore Roosevelt
  • Comparison: part of human nature/starts at a young age
  • How social media leads to comparisons that aren’t valid
  • Each person’s journey is unique
  • Relying on your intuition
  • How kids can shift your focus
  • Staying grounded in  your practice
  • The effects of comparison on clinicians
  • Steps to keeping your joy:
    • Acknowledge that comparison WILL happen
    • Be clear about your own goals (how to map them out)
  • Lessons from mistakes
  • Balancing private practice and motherhood with comparison thieves

Resources:  (Sarah’s counseling services)  (Sarah’s professional development site)

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