Session 98: Considerations for Writing a Book

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Welcome to Episode 98; we are creeping ever closer to that milestone, Episode 100—it’s almost here! Today’s guest is Jennifer Blough, a counselor in private practice in Ann Arbor, MI. Jennifer’s passion is working within the animal welfare community, specifically in the field of compassion fatigue. She’s here to share details about the dream to write a book, including the emotional and practical aspects of writing from a clinician’s viewpoint. Do you have a book in you? Join us to find out more!

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The motivation to write a book: where does it come from?
  • Jennifer’s involvement in animal shelters and rescue
  • “Friends saw what I’d been through and knew I had a story in me.”
  • Working through self-doubt and fears
  • How writing a book brings up “all your private stuff”
  • Why accountability matters!
  • Healing and therapy in the writing process
  • The painful process of writing
  • Jennifer’s “bipolar approach to writing”
  • The ebb and flow of creative genius
  • Organizing a book: including quotes and stories
  • Why self-publishing can work for you
  • Investment is required!
  • “Take the time to do it right. I hope my readers can tell that I did this.”
  • Why self-care is a MUST!



Letters to a Young Therapist by Mary Pipher

To Save A Starfish: A Compassion Fatigue Workbook for the Animal Welfare Warrior by Jennifer Blough

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