stc Elite

the #1 community for therapists building their first online course

Every therapist should have an online course in their toolkit.

The pandemic has changed how many therapists view our careers.

It's changed how we see the intersection of work and life.

And it's changed the self-care that we talk about to our clients and whether we're practicing what we preach.

All of us love the work.  The powerful moments of connection, vulnerability, and healing in the therapy room.

But, as seasoned and successful therapist business owners, many of us are realizing that you don't want all of your income tied to seeing clients or managing others seeing clients. 

An online course is something you should think about adding to their clinical tool kit whether it's to reduce therapy hours, diversify income, or offer to people who either can't see you due to licensure laws or not being able to afford your fees. 

But it's also really hard to create one and put it out in the world.

•How do I know my course idea is good?

•How do I market my course so it doesn't become another thing to manage?

•How do I actually get people to buy my course?

•How do I do this legally and ethically?

STC Elite is a year-long mastermind specifically for successful therapists (and therapists turned coaches/consultants) who want to build their first online course but don't know where to start.

STC Elite been  carefully developed since 2021 with feedback from over 50 colleagues about what would the most helpful.

STC Elite includes everything to take your course from rough ideas to your beta launch of paying students.

STC Elite also includes a hand-selected community of therapists who've built successful practice to ensure values alignment, live teaching where you actually work on your course, and a private channel with our team to ask questions.

And you get the backing of the Selling The Couch brand as your course grows. 

A screenshot of an STC Elite Mastermind meeting. This is a mastermind for therapists creating their first online course.