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kind words about the selling the couch podcast

Michael Fulwiler

Voice like butter

Melvin seems to be a wizard at conjuring a specific kind of conversational space that invites the humanity of the guest and the casual listener.

Listening to Melvin talk feels like I’m having a 5th cup of camomile tea at a bed and breakfast in rural Appalachia.

Thanks Melvin for providing a space for us to feel generous with each other and connect as private practice therapists.

Connor McClenahan

licensed psychologist / here counseling
Laura Reagan

What I Didn't Learn In 25 Years In Practice

I love Melvin's interview style- his curiosity and enthusiasm bring out the best of each guest!

I've learned so many things I never learned in school and even more that I've not learned in 25 years of practice.

I've never been one to take short cuts, but I'd strongly advise newer practitioners to take this “Therapy Business 101.”

stacey horn

lcsw / stacey horn counseling
Laura Reagan


Melvin is a wonderful host! His warm and kind personality shines through in each episode. This is my go-to resource as a therapist in private practice. I have learned so much through his recommendations.

reina lombardi

ATR-BC / florida art therapy services

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