I never thought a podcast could change my career.

I'd had dreams before about what my ideal career and life would look like.

But they were usually quieted by voices of doubt.

It took a blizzard dumping nearly 40 inches of snow over three days, the cancelation of over 20 clients, and hundreds of dollars in lost income as we were saving up to buy our first home to realize that “trading time to create income” as the only way to make a living was not sustainable.

I had heard of podcasting before. But I didn't think I had a “radio voice” and never recorded or edited audio before.

But, I thought podcasting catered to my strengths: the ability to listen, the ability ask good questions, and the ability to build deep, authentic relationships with others.

We had recently moved to our first home so I recorded the first 13 episodes of the Selling The Couch podcast from a laptop on a tv stand in a room surrounded by half opened cardboard boxes.

I didn't have an audience and had a (just) barely functioning blog.

It wasn't easy, and I made my fair share of mistakes.

But, after over 100 episodes, 275,000 downloads, listeners in over 105 countries, and 7,000 monthly blog visitors, I can truly say that podcasting has changed our family's life.

Podcasting has allowed me to create a stable income that, when combined with my career as a psychologist, allows me to spend evenings and weekends with loved ones and take random half days and vacations without feeling guilty.

I created the Healthcasters to help others use podcasting to grow their business and impact the world in big ways.

Welcome to the Healthcasters, the #1 community for health, wellness, and fitness podcasters.

We all have a message to share and a people to serve.

Who needs to hear your voice?

Here's a Quick Summary Of What's Included.


Video Tutorials

A growing library of over 30 step by step, easy to understand video tutorials.


Private Community

24/7 support from me and a supportive community of fellow podcasters. The community also includes marketing and social media experts, audio editors, and sound engineers so that you're supported at every level.

Cheatsheets + Swipe Files

This is the secret sauce. You’ll receive the cheatsheets, templates, and checklists that I've developed to make build and grow Selling The Couch.

Podcasting Discounts

Your Membership includes exclusive discounts for the best, budget friendly podcasting tools and services I've found.

Monthly Workshops

Your membership doesn't end after your purchase. Regular Q/A and teaching calls with me and other successful podcasters to help you stay ahead in the world of podcasting.

Accountability Buddy

In addition to the support of the community, your Membership also includes an accountability buddy to walk alongside your podcasting journey.

Let's Break Down The Course

The Healthcasters includes two parts: a 100% online “go at your own pace” course and a community of other health, wellness, and fitness podcasters as well as editors, sound engineers, and marketing experts so that you're supported at every level.

The course is divided into 6 units with lessons in each unit. Each unit contains video tutorials, cheatsheets, and other tested resources to grow your business through podcasting.

1. Plan: Building A Solid Foundation

A successful podcast begins well before your first recording. In this section, we'll learn how to select a podcast topic that attracts listeners, explore the 6 Factor Method to study the profitability of a podcast topic, and how to find potential listeners even before you launch your podcast.

2. Build: Putting The Pieces In Place

In this section, we'll learn how to create an effective podcast name, design a podcast logo that listeners remember, select budget friendly podcasting gear and software, successfully land interviews with guests, and automate the scheduling of podcast guests.

3. Record: Getting Great Sound + Editing Without the Overwhelm

In this section, we'll learn to set up your podcasting mic to get rich and consistent sound, record solo and interview based episodes, edit audio easily (even if you're never edited before), and how to get your podcast and business found by millions of monthly podcast listeners.

4. Launch: Strategies for Success

In addition to video tutorials, this section contains a Podcast Launch Strategy cheatsheet and tips to quickly and efficiently grow your podcast listeners and climb podcast ranking charts. The strategies in this section have enabled several current Healthcasters to rank among the top of all new podcasts.

5. Grow: Finding + Build A Loyal Audience

Now that we've launched your podcast, this section will teach you to use social media and other tools to spread the word about your podcast and to use your podcast to drive continuous website traffic.

6. Monetize: Generating Multiple Income Streams Though Podcasting

In this section, we'll learn strategies to monetize your podcast from ads to courses to webinars. My goal is to help you create multiple streams of income (both passive and active) through your podcast.

Healthcasters Success Stories

“If you are thinking about launching a podcast, Healthcasters is a fabulous investment. Trust me, you can launch without it, but the information in Healthcasters will help your podcast soar.

This has been true for me and everyone in the group has seen their podcast debut very highly in New & Noteworthy and become popular quickly.

In fact, I launched before joining Healthcasters, and I was happy w/my podcast's success, but I quickly saw new people join, create podcasts and launch them to huge download numbers, far surpassing mine (not that it is a competition. There are plenty of listeners out there for all of us!).

Then I made some tweaks based on Melvin's recommendations in Healthcasters, and now mine has really taken off.

Downloads increased tenfold between December and March, and this month is on track to double last month. It opens up possibilities you might not even be thinking of now.”

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C

Therapy Chat Podcast

“I think my biggest concern about beginning podcasting was just the technological aspect. It seemed overwhelming just to start.  The second part was creating content that was informative
as well as entertaining.

The Healthcasters helped by creating a concrete structure and a step by step process by which to deal with all the technological issues of starting a podcast.  The Healthcasters community is a great resource in which to ask questions and get constructive feedback when needed.

As a result of the Healthcasters, we’ve been able to launch the Addicted Mind podcast. This is something that we had been trying to accomplish for over a year, but once we got the Healthcasters, we had the structure to complete it and launch the podcast.”

Duane Osterlind, LMFT, CSAT

The Addicted Mind Podcast

““I seriously was concerned about paying the fee for the Healthcasters initially
because money was so tight while trying to build the practice, but it’s honestly been the best investment I’ve made in my business thus far!”

Robert Cox, MA

Mindful Recovery Podcast

Dr. Jared DeFife is a licensed psychologist and the host of the the School of Psych podcast.

His podcast features insightful interviews and stories from experts in psychology, culture, and relationships to help you know yourself, understand others, and live thoughtfully.

Check out Dr. DeFife share how the Healthcasters has helped his podcast reach the #1 New and Noteworthy and Top 5 overall podcast in Social Sciences!

Dr. Jared DeFife
School Of Psych Podcast

Beth Luwandi Lofstrom is a licensed professional counselor and the host of the the Midlife Love Bytes Podcast.

Her podcast helps “Smart & Sassy Women and Genuine Good Guys age 35 and better” improve their relationships and experience in Dating, Mating, and Relating.

Watch as Beth shares how the Healthcasters has helped his podcast reach Top 10 of new podcasts in Science and Medicine, #1 of Social Sciences, helped fill her practice, and build relationships for future collaboration.

Beth Luwandi Lofstrom, MA, LPC
Midlife Love Bytes

Enrollment in Healthcasters is currently closed.

This is so that I can better serve over 240 existing Healthcasters and build a great community with care. But don't worry.

Enrollment typically opens a few times per year during free, live podcasting workshops.

Can't wait to get started?? Please request a special invite to join by signing up for a special recorded workshop!

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