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In The Media: Selling The Couch and Melvin Varghese PhD

Please see a select list of podcasts, articles, and other media in which I've appeared on the In The Media page.

Available For Speaking

As long as schedules line up, I am available for podcasts and YouTube interviews for free.

For trainings, workshops, or other sorts of speaking engagements at conferences, schools, foundations, and non-profits, please email me at for my rates.

My style is intelligent, heart-centered, and funny.

I find joy out of sharing things I know through storytelling to be helpful to live participants. You can get a pulse of my style by listening to the STC podcast and YouTube .

Speaking Topics



  1. Why Most Courses Fail (And What To Do About It)
  2. The Top 3 Mistakes Therapists Make With Their Online Course (And What To Do Instead)
  3. How To Get Create Marketing Flywheels For Course Sales (So That Your Course Doesn’t Become Another To Do List Thing)
  1. Harnassing The Power Of Podcasting: How Therapists Can Grow Their Impact And Income Through Podcasting
  2. The Top 3 Podcasting Mistakes Therapists Make Starting Out
  3. Podcast Sponsorships: 3 Lessons Learned From Working With 15 sponsors + $100k in in income
    1. Fatherhood and Entrepreneurship: The Struggle To Balance And Be Great At Both (Some Helpful Tips From A Dad Entrepreneur
    2. Defining Success In Entrepreneurship: Why Revenue Shouldn’t Be The Sole Focus As A Parent Entrepreneur
    3. Why Staying Small Could Be The Best Decision As An Entrprenur
      1. Why Are The High-Achieving Brown Kids Getting Anxious And Depressed (And What Parents Can Do About It)
      2. The Guilded Pressure Cooker: Raising Joyful Kids And Teens In A World Of Privilege And Academic Pressure


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        In 2009, a clinical supervisor told Melvin to imagine the clinical skills he was acquiring as a future psychologist as a skillset that could be used in other realms beyond the therapy room.

        Melvin took this advice and ran with it launching his own successful Apple Top Career podcast and first online course that hit $300k in revenue.

        The need for income diversification was made real after a nor-easter in 2015 forced Melvin to cancel 22 fee-for-service clients and after he and his partner’s daughter was born 2 months early and needed 1.5 years of early childhood intervention.

        He now specializes in helping therapists launch and grow their podcasts and online courses to grow their impact and income beyond the therapy room.

        If you’re a therapist looking to launch your podcast, please check out The Healthcasters, a community of over 240 therapist podcasters learning and supporting one another.

        If you’re a therapist looking to launch your first online course, please check out STC Elite, a year-long mastermind that will help you build your online course alongside other supportive therapists.

        And, if you’re an established course creator looking to be with other successful course creators, please check out our established course creator mastermind.

        For Mel, the real joy comes from sharing his lessons and failures (translation: being a crash test dummy) as he goes from a traditional career as a psychologist to a diversified one.

        Melvin’s worked has been featured in the American Counseling Association, Good Therapy, Psychology Today, and a number of podcasts including The Pathless Path.

        Mel releases regular podcasts and writes about the intersection of practice building, online business, mental health, and high-achievement.

        Short Bio


        Melvin Varghese, PhD is a licensed psychologist in Philadelphia, PA.

        In 2015, Dr. Varghese founded Selling The Couch, a podcast to help therapists move from clinical to online income.

        On the podcast, he interviews successful practitioners about how they've built their practices, social media/marketing experts, and shares lessons as he uses our clinical skills to create an online business powered by podcasting + online courses.

        The podcast is one of the top Career podcasts in Apple Podcasts, has been downloaded over 1.8 million times, and is heard in over 125 countries.

        Dr. Varghese also founded several resources for therapists transitioning from the therapist chair to online income including a podcasting community for therapists that’s supported over 240 therapist podcasters, an online course mastermind for therapists launching their first online course (50+ students), and a mastermind for veteran course creators to find support growing and scaling their course.


          My pronouns are he/him.


          Melvin Varghese
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          Impact and income beyond the therapy room (emphasis on podcasting and course creation)

          Private practices helping entrepreneurs of color, Vc-backed founders, and founder dads with depression, anxiety, and burnout and high-achieving parents, late high-schoolers, and college students with depression, anxiety, and academic stress.

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