Session 181: Creating a Sound Social Media Policy While Navigating the Intersection of Personal and Professional Life as Clinicians

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As a clinician, do you have a social media policy? Is it something you’ve ever considered? If not, then this show may open your eyes to this topic. How can we as clinicians create a sound social media policy while navigating the intersection of our personal and professional lives?

Dr. Keely Kolmes is a psychologist, speaker, consultant, writer, researcher, and innovator in San Francisco and Oakland, CA. Dr. Keely’s work covers many areas, but the development of a social media policy is one specific area of expertise. Let’s hear more about this interesting topic from Dr. Keely!

What We’ll Learn

  • How to use wisdom in considering the legal side of social media
  • What is a social media policy?
    • A document for clients to explain how we interact on social media platforms
    • It explains how clients can expect us to respond
    • It helps frame the clinical relationship and answer anticipated questions
  • Why Dr. Keely created a social media policy soon after opening a practice in 2008
  • How Dr. Keely anticipated the potential ethical dilemmas social media could bring
  • Tips to having a sound social media policy:
    • Think about how you use the internet and social media
    • Consider whether you’ll have an integrated online presence of your personal and professional lives
    • Take an evaluative look at your social media history
  • The biggest mistakes clinicians make regarding social media:
    • Response to Yelp reviews
    • Integrated vs. separate social media identities
  • How to respond to negative Yelp reviews (& the legal ramifications)
  • More about Dr. Keely’s work and resources

Resources Mentioned


Find out more about Dr. Keely:  Dr. K Kolmes

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