201: Creating A Conference To Share Your Message In Private Practice


As clinicians, we often think about creative outlets for our messages of hope and healing. One of those that you might not have considered is creating a conference. It may sound like an overwhelming task, but it’s one that can be effective and fulfilling. Let’s discuss it in today’s show!

Mercedes Samudio, LCSW, does a lot of good work around all things related to parenting. She’s written Shame-Proof Parenting and has created The Diversity in Parenting Conference, which explores the diverse ways that clinicians work with parents and families. The conference is coming up soon on September 13-14 in Anaheim, CA. In today’s show, Mercedes takes us behind the scenes to learn what it takes to put together a conference of this magnitude. Mercedes is excited to share with all of us what she’s learned from this first-time experience. She’ll share about the planning process and why she chose a conference as the medium to share her message instead of a webinar. Mercedes also fills us in on how she selected speakers and set fees for the event, along with the biggest lessons she’s learned along the way.

What We’ll Learn

  • Why Mercedes felt the calling to create a conference to share her message
  • How we tend to marginalize certain identities in the parenting journey
  • Why people tend to stay hidden and not seek the parenting help they need when they don’t see others who look like them
  • How to plan in advance for a conference
  • How to allow space and figure things out in the planning process
  • How to keep the passion and purpose alive within your big WHY
  • The logistics of the venue, speakers, and putting together other details
  • Who Mercedes brought on board with her team to help with the planning process
  • One of the biggest lessons for Mercedes: learning to ask for help
  • How every experience can teach you something about yourself
  • How Mercedes selected speakers for the conference to fulfill her overall purpose
  • Using the conference for diversity in wisdom and showcasing voices that aren’t normally heard
  • How Mercedes figured out what to charge for the conference
  • The 3 biggest lessons Mercedes has learned:
    • Negative emotions are part of the process so give space for them
    • Give yourself space, step back, and don’t rush the process
    • Think about how you want to manifest your message

Resources Mentioned

Find out more about Mercedes:  Diversity in Parenting Conference

Find the conference on Facebook and Instagram:  Diversity in Parenting Conference

Email Mercedes:  diversityinparentingconference@gmail.com 

Shame-Proof Parenting: Find Your Unique Parenting Voice, Feel Empowered, Raise Whole, Healthy Children by Mercedes Samudio

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