203: Melvin Varghese PhD: How I Structure My Days



As we wrap up this season, it’s a good time to evaluate where we are in our businesses. I thought it would be good to talk about how I structure my days and weeks to maximize productivity, focus on self-care, and stay intentional about working ON my business and not IN it.

As a self-proclaimed productivity nerd, I’ve learned these things through trial and error and trying new things and tweaking them until they work best for me. I hope there are some good ideas here that will work for you!

What We’ll Learn

    • Five lessons I’ve learned about productivity:
      • Block time for big tasks
      • Chunk repetitive tasks into a block of time
      • Have specific days dedicated to big tasks or projects
      • Employ “just in time” learning to get more done
      • Categorize your time to be more purposeful
    • How I structure my days with a different purpose for each
    • Why I work in four-hour blocks broken into 30-minute chunks
    • My self-care routine from [1:00]-2:30 pm each afternoon, which includes exercise, lunch, and a power nap (see episode 97 for more info)
    • My dedicated time for social media interaction, usually from [2:30]-[3:00] each day
    • Why I set aside [3:00]-5:00 pm each day for “just in time” learning
    • How I color code activities in my schedule for three categories: working IN my business, working ON my business, and self-care
    • How I use Google Sheets to create my schedule
    • Why I take time every three months to evaluate the effectiveness of my schedule
    • Three books that helped me set up my structure: (see Resources below for more info)
      • Getting Things Done helped me learn to structure 30-minute time blocks
      • The One Thing helped me learn to align daily tasks with yearly and long-term goals
      • The Miracle Morning helped me learn how to start my days in order to maximize each day

Resources Mentioned

Check out these links to find out more about my power nap routine and for information on the STC newsletter and directory:

Selling The Couch Session97

Selling The Couch Newsletter

Show sponsor:  STC Directory

Three books that helped me with structuring my days:
The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

Getting Things Done by David Allen

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

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