205: Daniel Fava: Using Pinterest and Blogging to Explode Website Traffic

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Today’s topic is one that I’m excited to share with you. We are discussing using a combination of blogging and Pinterest to explode our website traffic. There is so much for us to learn!

Daniel Fava is a previous guest on the show, and he’s become a good friend on whom I rely for input about website strategy and marketing. Many of us, as therapists, wonder how we can use Pinterest more effectively and utilize all that this platform has to offer. Daniel shares with us specific strategies like identifying your target audience, along with tips about the best ways to structure your Pinterest account. We’re discussing the best use of automation tools and keywords to maximize our use of Pinterest. Join me for a show that’s packed full of useful tips!

What We’ll Learn

  • Why a private practitioner should focus on Pinterest over other social media platforms
  • How Daniel started using Pinterest to share blog posts and noticed how his views increased by 1400%; Pinterest became the main traffic driver to his website
  • The exponential effect of Pinterest as people repin your posts
  • Why Pinterest is a unique way to interact with others and highlight your content
  • Strategies in using both Pinterest and blogging:
    • Get clear on who your target audience is
    • Set up a Pinterest business account and enable “Rich Pins”
    • Treat your Pinterest profile as a resource library for your ideal clients
      • Use a professional portrait or your practice logo
      • Create a featured board with content
      • Use clear titles with keywords
      • Search for related boards on Pinterest to curate content
    • Use keywords everywhere: in your profile, your business name and bio, board descriptions, and on each pin
    • Use automation tools to get more traffic (Examples: Tailwind, Buffer)
  • Suggestions for creating beautiful visual images (Example: Canva)
  • The wisdom in creating a graphic that isn’t linked to a blog post
  • “Your Pinterest board should be an extension of your practice and your website.”

Resources Mentioned


Create My Therapist Website  Find out more about Daniel’s courses.

Private Practice Elevation  Find Daniel’s podcast!

Tools mentioned by Daniel:  Tailwind AppBufferCanva

Brighter Vision  Check out the prewritten therapy pages that are available, and use this link for your first month free!

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