Session 259: How I create Live Streaming Content With 30 Minutes of Prep: Melvin Varghese, Ph.D.

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This is the follow-up to last week’s podcast about creating a professional livestream. We’ve already covered the gear you’ll need, so today’s show focuses on creating the content for your livestream. Join me for Part 2!

If you listened to Episode 258, you might be saying, “OK, Melvin, I have the gear, so what else do I need to do to prep for my livestream?” I’m glad you asked! After only doing livestreams for a few months, I’ve already learned a lot (including some very cool timesaving hacks and helpful tools), and I’m eager to share those experiences with you.

What We’ll Learn

    • How I block out time for livestream prep work
      • I focus on a simple question related to the topic we’ll discuss
      • I list three lessons, tips, insights, or takeaways about the topic
      • I formulate a call to action that might be to download a free guide or purchase a product or service
    • After I finish a livestream on Monday morning:
      • I send the livestream to YouTube through ecamm live
      • I type in my question for the next livestream through ecamm live
      • I schedule out the next week’s livestream by using a template created through textexpander
      • I go to canva and pull up the graphic that I’ve already created and put it in ecamm live
      • I spend about 30 minutes prepping for the next livestream, and I use the notability app to attach the question, a story, and lessons/takeaways in bullet point format
      • I formulate a call to action to wrap up the livestream
      • I make note of what I need to pop up on the screen during the livestream
      • All of these processes are saved in my notability app, so I don’t even have to think about it from week to week until time for the next livestream
    • All of this prep time and format structure during the previous week keeps my content meaningful and focused–and saves tons of time!

Resources Mentioned

Helpful tools mentioned in the episode:


Text Expander

Notability app


Find my livestream

Find my learning library

Find the link for text expander

Find the link for last week’s livestream gear info:  STC: Live Streaming Kit

Building a Storybrand by Donald A. Miller


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