20: Jeff Sieh – Using Pinterest to Drive Website Traffic

Welcome to today’s show!  My guest is Jeff Sieh, from the podcast “Manly Pinterest Tips.”  Jeff is a visual storyteller, web designer, social media consultant, and speaker.  He has a unique “behind-the-scenes” look at WHAT WORKS and WHAT DOESN’T when marketing on Pinterest.  Jeff’s work is featured in The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick.

Jeff decodes the language of Pinterest for us.  He explains the terminology: pin, repin, board and stream.  He advises about how to name boards to attract visitors, how to use keyword descriptions to maximum effect, and how you can increase your SEO (search engine optimization) by using Pinterest.

There are specific advantages of Pinterest over other social media sites.  There is increased traffic flow to Pinterest boards, and this traffic can be long-term, which isn’t possible with most other social media sites.  Pinterest is a discovery network and has even been called “the new Google.”

For those looking to use Pinterest to find customers and clients for their small businesses or private practices, Jeff gives the following “manly” tips:

  • The order of boards is important, as your top three will be the most visible on your profile. Use those boards to highlight articles you have written or questions from customers that you want to feature.
  • Optimize your boards for mobile devices. 70% of all traffic comes to Pinterest from mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  Make sure your images are clear and readable, even on smaller mobile device screens.
  • Use “secret” boards. These can be helpful in researching your competition and keeping up with what they are doing without others seeing.
  • Show clear, images of your product or business in action. Avoid stark, busy images.  Be compelling.  Pinterest is not like Instagram, which is full of faces!
  • A business account will give access to analytics. You can track your Pinterest following and get information about its effects on your business.

Jeff gives his TOP THREE TIPS for using Pinterest to generate referrals:  Use good, pinnable images, have a clear call to action and engage visitors.  Listen for more helpful hints on how to make Pinterest work for your business!

Listen to find out who Jeff recommends that we follow on Pinterest!  He also tells us which businesses are worth following, and how YOU can use Pinterest boards to build your audience.  I hope you will join us for all this and MUCH MORE!

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