Session 100: Celebrating 100 Episode with Practice Building Tips

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Welcome to Episode 100! I’m grateful to all my listeners and very humbled to have come this far. I never dreamed in the beginning that this milestone was possible, but here we are! Today’s episode deserves to be a little different, so I’ve asked for private practice-building tips from some faithful listeners. I think these are helpful to hear, so join us!


What’s the best private practice-building tip that you’ve ever received?

Answers include tips from the following areas: The entrepreneurial mindset, marketing, networking, investing in yourself and your practice, and centering your practice around your life. Feel free to share these tips!

Mindset Tips:

Tips on Marketing + Serving Your Ideal Clients:

Networking Tips:

Tips for Investing in Your Business:


Tips for Building a Practice that Works for You:

I hope these are meaningful to you in your private practice. Thanks again for listening and supporting STC!

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