Session 109: Creating a Therapeutic Board Game Around Mindfulness

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My guest today is Dr. Ellis Edmunds, a psychologist in Oakland, CA. Today’s topic is about pursuing your passions and thinking outside the box. Ellis had the idea to create a therapeutic board game based on mindfulness practices. Using his creative talents and great idea for something different and unheard of in his field, Ellis took the leap and made it happen. Join us for his story!


What We’ll Learn

  • The unusual elements of Ellis’ life experiences that converged to create The Mindful Bus board game:
  • His childhood passion for gaming of all kinds
  • His undergraduate work at a hospital, playing games with patients
  • His graduate work at middle and high schools, using games to build rapport with kids
  • His development of his personal mindfulness practice
  • His acceptance and commitment therapy work (ACT)
  • How Ellis “made it happen”:
  • Taking the next step from idea to action
  • Taking that all-important first small step
  • Getting the idea from his head onto paper
  • Taking the idea from first prototype to final product: testing, tweaking, and hiring a graphic designer to get the artwork just right
  • Creating a website for the game and spreading the word about it
  • Determining the price point and marketing details
  • Ellis shares the lessons he has learned through developing the game and how this has impacted his life in ways he never imagined
  • “It felt like I NEEDED to do this in some ways.”
  • “It’s an authentic expression of who I am and my two passions of psychology and gaming.”


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