Session 123: Practicing Mindfulness

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Today’s guest is Kim Engstrom, a colleague who practices in my local area, just south of Philadelphia.  Our topic is perfect for my return after a break; it’s about practicing mindfulness. As practitioners, we must learn to take time for ourselves, even when we’re battling the daily grind. Mindfulness is a basic idea, but a powerful medium that can be helpful for anyone, no matter what your profession. Let’s join Kim to hear what mindfulness means for her and how she fits it into her life.

What We’ll Learn

    • Who counsels the counselor?
    • How Kim defines mindfulness: awareness, being present, controlling responses to our thoughts, and training the mind
    • Why mindfulness is NOT the same as meditation
    • “It’s empowering to not feel isolated—to know that others feel the same way you do.”
    • How to NOT let thoughts get out of control
    • Why you shouldn’t try to “stop” your thoughts
    • Starting the day with a mindfulness practice
    • How the benefits of mindfulness “show up”
    • How Kim began with a workshop about mindfulness being used to treat depression
    • Three scenarios a private practitioner might face and how to incorporate mindfulness:
    • The start of a clinical day
    • When a client cancels or “no-shows”
    • When exhaustion sets in at the end of the clinical day

Resources Mentioned

Find out more about Kim: kim Engstrom

Email Kim:

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

A favorite mindfulness app: Headspace

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