Session 136: Structuring Your Website and Copy That Speak to Your Ideal Clients



Elizabeth Cush, aka “Biz,” is in private practice in Annapolis, Maryland. Her practice focuses on those with anxiety. Elizabeth is an active member of the STC Facebook Community, and she went back to school in her 50’s to get her master’s degree before plunging into private practice. We’ll discuss how she made the leap into private practice and identified her niche. We also talk about the best ways to structure a website and write effective copy that speaks to your ideal clients. Join us!

What We’ll Learn

  • The blurred lines between public and private information, especially in light of today’s social media presence
  • Making the leap into private practice
  • How life experiences helped Elizabeth as a “late bloomer”
  • Working with trauma patients and “doing the deeper work”
  • Figuring out who you want to (and DON’T want to) work with
  • Developing a passion for women dealing with past trauma and substance abuse
  • Preparing for the first therapy group in private practice: focusing on mindfulness and meditation
  • How your private practice evolves over time
  • Dealing with doubt and the inner critic
  • Making a personal struggle into your niche
  • Designing a website with intentional words and white space
  • How Elizabeth speaks to those struggling with anxiety issues
  • Remaining true to your heart and soul in writing copy for your website
  • Structuring a call to action on your website
  • Why groups?

Resources Mentioned


Progression Counseling

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