Session 138: Creating a Digital Product Using Your Clinical Strengths and Growing it Online

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Today’s guest is Debra Roberts, LCSW, who is in private practice specializing in relationship therapy. Our topic today is one that many clinicians have probably pondered at one time or another. We’re discussing how to take our clinical expertise and turn it into some kind of digital product that extends far beyond the therapy room. Over 20+ years in private practice, Debra realized that she was having success with her clients and finally mustered the courage to write a book that has since branched into a course, training, webinars and more. Debra shares her journey, what she’s learned about her strengths, and some practical aspects to consider about creating a webinar. Join us!

What We’ll Learn

  • The “disconnect” in not realizing that your wealth of knowledge can help others
  • When you receive positive feedback from colleagues and clients and wonder about the
  • “Hmmm. Maybe I AM doing something different.”
  • Taking a step back, seeing what you have to offer, and thinking beyond “the four walls”
  • The ability to accept a new opportunity without inflating your ego
  • Developing a “thicker skin” as you reveal more and more of your true self
  • Stepping through the fear to recognize the personal growth
  • Dipping your toes into social media
  • Why everything you put out should reflect who you authentically are and your personal brand
  • How to name your product
  • Being “married” to your product/brand name and the visual logo
  • Why you should brainstorm with everyone, and not just colleagues
  • Why Debra decided on a book, a course, and trainings
  • How technology allows more people to be reached
  • “The next logical step” after the book? A live training workshop
  • Webinars and their often-intimidating technology
  • Hire others for the things you don’t want to do—or don’t have time to do
  • Start small and then branch out to other insertion points
  • Debra’s growth through the process
  • The “I’m a messenger” mentality

Resources Mentioned

Find out more about Debra: The Relationship Protocol

Explore Debra’s course: My Communication Tools

Find out more about creating your own webinar: Easy Webinar or Zoom.

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