Session 141: How do you create a positive culture in private practice?

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My guests today are Dr. Kate Campbell and Katie Lemieux, from The Private Practice Startup Podcast. Our topic is this: How do you create a positive culture in private practice? I’ll admit that I’ve been fascinated by the unspoken aspects of creating culture. So, what are my big values? How do we make hires that align with that culture? Let’s get some answers to these questions and MORE from Kate and Katie!

What We’ll Learn

  • Defining “culture” in a private practice context
  • “Culture is the essence of your brand and the character of your company.”
  • Small steps in building culture (it’s all about relationships!)
  • Transitioning from micro-managing to trusting those you lead on your team
  • Taking responsibility for your group practice
  • How to build a collaborative, supportive, encouraging, and team-based culture
  • “If you don’t create your culture, your clients will create it for you.”
  • How to build your team in alignment with your culture
  • A glimpse into the “11 Points of Culture”:
    • Quality, commitment, integrity, communication, respect, collaboration, balance, contribution, growth and development, flexibility, and authenticity
  • The link between creating culture and finding a niche
  • Getting clear on your vision, mission, and culture
  • Highlights of walking you through the vision
  • Fulfilling your vision
  • How you can turn things around:
    • Invest in your employees with communication
    • Be the role model for change to a positive culture

Resources Mentioned

Private Practice Start-up  (Download the Brand Values Assessment!)

Originals by Adam Grant

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

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